Why Choose Cloudbankin

Holistic Digital Lending Solution

An end-to-end cloud-based loan software to transform your digital lending. 

Seamless loan disbursement in 10 minutes

Efficient  Loan Origination System through which all kinds of financial institutions - Banks, NBFCs, MFIs can disburse loans in less than 10 minutes.

Customizable and Effective Onboarding process

A completely automated and integratable Loan Origination System offering hassle-free digital onboarding to financial institutions. 

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Key Benefits - Cloudbankin End-to-End Lending Software Seamless Integration & Scalable Software Disbursing loans in 10 minutes Total Automation Dynamic Workflow Management


Loan Origination System

Cloudbankin facilitates loan disbursement within 10 minutes encompassing intelligible client onboarding, data collection, eKYC and documentation.

Loan Management System

Comprehensive end to end system encapsulating  product creation, disbursement and management of loans through our cloud-based lending solution.

Rule Engine

Enhanced and cognitive credit decisioning for effective implementation of simple to complex credit policies to meet the requirements of the ever changing market.

Digital Onboarding

Effortless digital onboarding process well-suited for progressive financial establishments that are embracing the new normal.

CloudBankIN - Digital Lending Software

Building excellence with digital lending solution

Are you taking the first step towards revamping the digital infrastructure of your financial institution? Then, do it the Habile-way!

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Love from Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudbankin?

Cloudbankin is the end-to-end digital lending software that automates and manages the complete loan lifecycle from loan origination to disbursement, from management to closure for financial institutions.

How long does it take to disburse a loan using Cloudbankin?

Loan disbursement (Unsecured Loans) can be done within 10 minutes.

Will it be difficult to switch to Cloudbankin?

No, it won't be difficult to switch to Cloudbankin. Our clients are able to go live in 24 hours. And in cases with data migration, the implementation is done within 4 weeks. Our application is a low-code platform where customer onboarding forms and products can be done in the front end. Data migration is bulk imported by Excel file or API based on existing system capabilities.

Can I try the software or sign-up for a demo before I buy it?

Yes, our sales team will show you the demo to better understand our product. We will also provide a free trial of our product for a first-hand experience.

Is Cloudbankin Software secure?

Yes. We give utmost importance and use industry-wide best practices for security standards and data protection. Our team uses a combination of battle-tested technologies, open-source practices (e.g., OWASP), robust cloud infrastructure (e.g., AWS) and risk/security policies to ensure systems and data are protected at all times.

Is Cloudbankin Software compatible with Credit Bureau Reporting?

Cloudbankin has been integrated with popular credit bureaus for getting credit reports. Data submission is downloaded easily from the application and submitted to respective bureaus. For further information, contact us at salesteam@habile.in

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