4 Fascinating Sites Every Programmer Should Bookmark

These days, we come across a lot of websites and useful tools that help you be more productive, provide stunning results and learn new things. Every programmer worth their salt is eager to step ahead of the competition by writing code that is beautiful, efficient and stunning.

We’ve listed down a few websites that we think every programmer should have in their bookmarks. These websites provide a variety of information and are useful in numerous ways.


A collection of cheat sheets for just about any language imaginable. Want to learn python? No problem. Stuck with the syntax for that obscure function in Java? It’s here!

Cheat Sheets for every programming language

Algorithm Zone

A community that anyone can participate in. A host of common logical problems are implemented in various programming languages. A site for inspiration and learning.

Algorithm implementation in various languages

CSS3 Generator

It’s the age of CSS3! Many front end developers are harnessing the power of CSS3 to provide stunning visuals to what they’re building. However, the syntax is quite tedious and requires getting used to. Not any more. This site generates CSS3 code for commonly used effects, including buttons and transitions. A must have for any front end developer.

Generate CSS for commonly used components


This might arguably be the most well-known among the lot. Codepen is both an inspirational website as well as sandbox where you can try out your front end code live. Just paste in your HTML, CSS and JS code and you’re done.

Use the front page to see the featured items and look/play/fork their code to do more

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