How Augmented Reality Can Help Improve Your Business

Trends in the technology sector often have a deep impact on business and marketing. The usage of smart phones has increased manifold in the past few years, bringing cutting edge technology to the public at large. Marketers and businesses are leveraging these trends to craft innovative and creative techniques to gain a competitive edge in every sphere – from enhancing marketing communications and customer experiences to increasing the robustness and efficiency of their supply chain.

One of the up and coming game changers is Augmented Reality (AR) which interacts with consumers and brings rich, engrossing virtual content and juxtaposes it with their real world, creating a seamless interactive experience. AR is being used the world over, with retailers leading the way. AR can be leveraged to build a stronger relationship with your customers, increase sales and add value to the comprehensive customer experience.

Here are a few short case studies that showcase the ways in which Augmented Reality (AR) can help you improve your business.

Reduced return rates and increased conversion rates for an e-commerce store

E-Commerce stores are all the rage these days, with the ease of shopping and the experience it provides. However, an area where it still lacks the brick-and-mortar stores is in the experience it provides to the customer. What once used to be a decision making process of touching, feeling and trying on products has now been reduced to deciding based on merely a few flattering pictures. This leads to hesitation during the buying process or returns of ill-fitting and different looking products after delivery.

An AR solution as outlined in the video can not only help the customers decide better, but using precision tools for face recognition and motion capturing can further improve on the process by providing a preview of the exact style and fit to reduce the return rates.

Increased warehouse efficiency to boost the supply chain

Using AR in a warehouse as shown in the video can help locate products faster, optimise routes, increase worker, workplace and equipment safety and reduce the overall process time to a great extent. More and more large warehouses are using AR because of the inherent advantage it provides.

A novel way to educate voters to not vote for money

The Election Commission of India has a tough task on its hands. Every election demands that they be vigilant to curb any malpractices in the bud to ensure free and fair conduct of the electoral process. In this regard,Habile Technologies developed an Augmented Reality application to propagate the message of the Election Commission – “Vote for change and not for cash”.

When a Rs. 100 note is scanned through the app, a video featuring popular Tamil actor Kamal Hassan appears on the user’s device urging people to not get influenced by cash during the voting process. This app won kudos from the Chief Election Officer of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Praveen Kumar.

Enrich shopping experience and bring customers into your store

One of the more innovative uses for AR is to use the technology to create visually stunning and novel experiences that stir the curiosity of the average shopper. As demonstrated in the video, large crowds are drawn into the premises simply due to the curiosity aroused by the Augmented Reality. This is a really novel and proven method to increase the footfalls into your store.

Provide information on nearby stores and deals

Another novel marketing technique being implemented using AR is the discount discovery and information applications that use the camera of the user’s device and a layer on top to display information about nearby stores and discounts available in those stores. As demonstrated in the video, this is a highly enjoyable and novel solution that is guaranteed to increase visitors and conversions.

The most important thing to note is that these AR apps and techniques are NOT what we should expect in the future, but are rather techniques and applications available today! More and more businesses are leveraging this technology to increase efficiency and revenue and are tasting success day after day.

We, at Habile, believe that this is the most opportune time for a business to move into the AR space and make a killing by being the first mover in a market that is getting cluttered with every passing day.

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