How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Building a website on the World Wide Web is just like building business office in the physical world. It is a point where prospects come, interact and the convert into clients for the business. The web world is an organization’s identity where skills can be showcased. It is the business’s Internet Office, where virtual meetings take place with the customer.

Hence, this gives rise to the most nagging question in the minds of webpreneurs – How can I generate traffic for my website?
Traffic to your website can be built using three reliable marketing techniques


Email Marketing

Barack Obama in 2008 became the first presidential candidate in history to use Internet as his rallying ground and it all started by sending emails to people across the country. He was the first president to keep the public updated with recent policies of the country.

The simple trick he mastered this marketing technique is to keep on collecting a stash of genuine email IDs at an efficient pace. He utilised his political influence to convince people in giving their mailbox. He is still the popular President in second term. This is what email marketing does to a person or company opts email marketing.

Sending relevant content as emails to your audience goes a long way in building both brand recall and trust in the minds of your customer. The biggest benefit of email marketing is that it reaches the customer directly and your message is guaranteed delivery. This effort of business does not go in vain in the long term unless you are perceived as spam.

Social Media Marketing

Another way of reaching a mass audience and evolving the business into a brand experience is to create a genuine fan base on Social media and forums. You can tune your messages according to the occasion and target market on target sites to keep the fans engaged and make sure that the page does not become dormant.

A beautiful example to explain this strategy is Cadbury effort multiply fan base by constructing a giant Facebook thumb out of Dairy Milk bars. This simple thank you gesture won 40,000 followers in short span and the consequent video was watched over by 350,000 fans.

A set strategy goes a long way in winning a social media war and regular, interesting, share able updates will give you an edge. Content driven traffic is a sure fire winner and your content can pull people on to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Get Indexed:

“Once People start searching in Google than Facebook, you can proudly say you are successful”
The first step to undertake in order to make this happen is to get your site indexed. Once indexed, your site’s name will start appearing in the search engines. Relevant keywords that relate with your target market is the key for successful organic search results ranking

Search Engines and Search Queries:

The first and simple step to drive traffic is to make your presence felt in search engines. The “Search Queries” that we choose to get into the targeted market often make or break the successful generation of traffic. This Targeted traffic to a website provides publicity, revenue, and exposure to the company. Investing in SEO constitutes a major chunk of marketing and promotion efforts for a website.


Once you have made your presence felt, you have to keep up with the changing tides of multiple brands in the online world. This prospect, on the web is too large and infinite – we have to identify where we should be on the web to get noticed. Hence, the website should be regularly updated as per the trends and indexed with search engine. One should regularly alter content as per the targeted keyword to capture a place in the customer or reader’s mind.

These are the basic ingredients of driving traffic to your website. The key lies deciding an appropriate mix of the above techniques that works for you. And that’s where we come into play.

We, Habile Technologies proudly say that after more than half year of hard work, we have successfully put one of our clients in ranking number one in Google through this service. You can clearly see in our efforts that “We absolutely love to see our clients succeed”
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