Cloudbankin’s extensive feature set allows you the flexibility to scale at will and onboard new customers quickly and seamlessly.

Loan Origination

Loan Origination lets you process and disburse loans with lightning speed: thanks to a feature set that includes form management, parameter definition and rule engines configuration.

 Impress your existing as well as new customers with fast and efficient processing!

Manage Forms

Configure your customer journey with respect to each of your products and respective credit policies in no time to bring out your USP. 


Advanced non contact onboarding fulfilling the statutory requirements leading to customer delight.

Rule Engine

Configure multiple and complex business wise credit policies to effectively reduce the turnaround time.

Plug and Play

Ability to integrate API’s and position it according to product and process requirements.

Organisation Hierarchy Management

Replicate your organization structure to effectively monitor and manage individual units as profit centers. 

Onboard your Business Partners

Facility to onboard business partners and monitor business stream wise contribution 

Customizable Templates

Customize all the communications (Email, SMS, Standard formats and Web contents) to your customers.

Effective User Guide Tool

Activity wise user guide comprising of videos and walk through steps that will helps novice to become a professional

Loan Management

Scalable Loan Management System which allows you to manage the entire life cycle of a loan, while meeting the changing demands of the market. Facility to configure workflows, customize reports and dashboard, create alerts among other routines features.  

Security and Data Protection – We use and rely on cloud-based services that are widely used in the industry and provide high security and availability for their services and infrastructure.


Our best-in-class business banking software could transform your financial management process entirely and simplify the overall process of managing your chart of accounts, making journal entries, setting accounting rules and mapping your financial activity a breeze.

Chart of Accounts

It is easy to configure your COA(Chart of Accounts) on Cloudbankin under five main categories: Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenditure, and Equity which could be easily accessed in two views: List or Tree.

Journal Entry

Our streamlined microfinance software would replace your default accounting software with its user-centric design and ease-of-use which simplifies tedious tasks adding, closing or searching of journal entries.

Migrate opening Balances

Ease the process of migration of the opening balances from the legacy system data using our cutting edge commercial lending software.

Financial activity mapping

All vital financial activities could be mapped to specific accounts based on an assorted list of predefined commands which dictate list of procedures to be carried out on a system generated accounting transaction.

Module Wise Report Generation

Our module wise reporting structure would offer you a complete visibility of your data and help you drive actionable insights with minimal staffing. With our mini bank software, you can directly connect to relevant databases, mash-up multiple insights & visualize them as easily interpretable reports.



Our interactive dashboard feature provides a comprehensive outlook of the entire operational process like overall loan management, client trends for all or specific location, a visual interpretation of daily activity giving you an indepth insight to manage the complexities you encounter in your day-to-day operations.

Reports & Dashboard

Our extensive collection of reports which are ideal for any banking or microfinance institutions could transform your data into stunning reports within a matter of minutes. The responsive reporting structure coupled with highly interactive dashboard makes our product a pioneer in the line of microfinance loan softwares.



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