Introduction - Loan Management System

Cloudbankin’s Loan Management System was built to create a bridge between operational efficiency and exemplary customer service for financial institutions. It is not only flexible but also scalable, allowing you to expand your infrastructure and client base in a seamless manner across the board, and across geographical boundaries.

Our Loan Management System allows you to effortlessly handle the challenges of backend processing of loans, with features such as cloud integration, easy disbursal of loans to all types of lenders, and easily configurable modules for all types of loans. No matter the requirement, this digital lending solution allows you to tailor your products based on your clients’ needs, and manage multiple clients across various locations.

Make faster, smarter, and better decisions with Cloudbankin’s Loan Management System!

Loan Management System

Line of Businesses Covered

We support a variety of customer profiles and requirements. Here are some of the financial services that we can help improve:

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RetailConsumer Vehicle Loan, Customer Durable Loans, Personal Loan, Education Loan, Mortgage Loan, Gold Loan, Loan to Traders, and Women Empowerment Loans..

SME/ MSME – Business Loan, Working capital Loan, Machinery Loans, Loan against property, Purchase of Construction Equipment, and Purchase of Commercial Vehicle.

Group Lending – Micro-finance, Loans for Income Generation, Loans for Home Improvement, and Utility Loans.

Individual Lending – Loans for Income Generation and Loans for House Repair

Peer to Peer Lending – Short Term Loans

What can Cloudbankin do?

Our Loan Management Software enables you to build your customer base without worrying about the additional strain on your backend operations. It achieves this through its cost-effective, super-efficient feature set that includes automated processing, cloud integration, and the capability of disbursing loans within 10 minutes based on client requirements!

Our solution allows you to enlarge, manage, and maintain your clientele while retaining exceptional service quality standards. This not only ensures growth in your business but also reassures that your service standards are miles ahead of the competition. Finally, this comprehensive digital lending solution ensures that your topline growth remains steady while building a solid customer base which will be delighted with your services.

Loan Management System

Why Choose Cloudbankin Loan Management System?​

Our system allows you to focus on your customer’s needs with a host of nifty features such as:

  1. Solutions designed exclusively to cater to the varying requirements of the microfinance and NBFC industry.
  2. Business rules integrated directly into the engine that allows you to easily meet compliance requirements and reduce processing times for a seamless experience.
  3. Granular reporting and data-oriented dashboards that provide valuable insights into your business and assist your decision-making processes.
  4. Enhanced mobility coupled with device agnostic applications that can widen your reach, and also add value for field service personnel.
  5. An fully automated end-to-end loan workflow that gives you complete control over a number of variables in the application, on-boarding and collection processes.
  6. A detailed, intuitive reporting module that is designed to provide the correct data and insights into your business and can help you gain intricate knowledge of your portfolios and assists your decision-making.
  7. Security and policy compliance becomes a breeze thanks to the hierarchical permission modules that restrict and manage access based on different levels of clearance. 
  8. A consistent user experience across various gateways allows for a simpler, straightforward and seamless loan application process. 

When coupled with the cloud-integration feature that can be offered, the Cloudbankin Loan Management Software gives you unprecedented control over numerous minute details across a variety of processes like account creation, disbursement, settlement, EMI and fees collections, repayment scheduling, writing-off, loan rescheduling, limit management and many more. This ensures that your services are faster, more efficient, flexible, transparent and of a higher quality standard than your competitors. 

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