Loan Origination System - Introduction

CloudBankIn is a simple, secure, and scalable cloud-based lending platform that allows you to scale your business with digital customer onboarding! It benefits your clients and your employees, allowing for a fully automated, digital platform that facilitates speedy processing of new loans. Evaluating new clients becomes a breeze with automated decision-making algorithms along with inbuilt third-party integration that allows you to seamlessly transition your existing systems and processes. Automated workflows and processes allow you to enjoy improved operational efficiency and increased productivity while minimizing costs. Embrace the future of lending with CloudBankIn!

Streamline Your Loan Products

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Launch in just two days

Custom automated workflows let you tailor your products to your customer’s needs and enjoy faster processing and onboarding.


Operational Efficiency

Reduce costs and turnaround times for your onboarding processes with real-time progress tracking and analytics along with automation.

Business Presence

Faster onboarding and agile processes support scaling your business easily, allowing you to expand and grow organically!


Upgrade Your Existing Systems

Easy integration into your existing systems enables seamlessly transitioning to a bigger and better business.


Low Code Platform

Adding new features or making tweaks to your current systems is a breeze with a low-code platform that improves workflows.



Create products for a wide variety of clients with agile, custom workflows for differing products.


Key Features

Client Onboarding

Adding new clients is made easy with automated processes geared towards seamless onboarding.

e-KYC Process

Collecting requisite documentation for regulatory standards becomes a breeze with a fully digital e-KYC system

Credit Bureau Integrations

Assessing customers’ credit scores is seamless and hassle-free with CloudBankIn, allowing faster decisioning

SMS Analysis

Analyze clients’ messages to understand their spending patterns and expenses to gain insights into their lifestyle

Quick Decisioning Engine

Inbuild credit rule engine with configurable parameters based on your lending institutions credit policies and rules

Mobile Application

CloudBankIn works across devices, providing continuous access to critical systems and data through a secure, integrated platform

Why Choose the Cloudbankin Loan Origination Software?

Quick Decisioning

A quick decision-making algorithm works under the hood to generate, customize and export a variety of reports that can help you evaluate customers’ credibility and also potential expansions and new products!

Cost efficieny

Easily configurable workflows allow you to increase operational efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs, making profitability a part of your business’ DNA! (CloudBankIn’s LOS system offers automated processes and configurable workflows, increasing operation and cost efficiency.)

Product Diversification

A host of features work in tandem towards scaling your business, providing ease of product diversification and also allowing you to expand your geographical presence. 

Quick Implementation

It is a low code solution that boasts of a quick implementation time of as low as 24 hours!

Built-in Integrations