Mifos X Implementation

mifos x implementation

Mifos X is the modern open-source technology platform for Financial Inclusion and Digital Banking. It is built on a platform with a default AngularJS based front-end and Java based back-end that can be extended/customized the meet any needs of a Financial Institution. Habile Technologies has joined its hands with Mifos as a Deployment Partner to implement the Mifos X platform.

Mifos X is the cloud-based platform which is available on the web as well as a mobile app. It is an outstanding platform which has the key features like Loan Origination System, Loan Management System, Accounting System, Core Banking System. 

It is widely used by Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Microfinance Institutions, Credit Institutions, SACCO’s, Co-operative Societies, Digital Lenders and other lending Institutions.

Services Offered


We provide implementation services for Financial Institutions who want to implement an affordable lending management system. This would include:

  • Requirements and Gap Analysis and identify means to address gaps, if any.
  • Data migration strategy
  • Organizational and Product Configurations
  • Additional Data configurations for Clients, deposit and loan accounts
  • Reporting needs and understanding need for custom reports
  • Schedule and Cut-Over planning

Data Migration

For an organization that has decided to go with Mifos, we provide assistance in migration of data in existing format into Mifos and we will assist in the following scenarios:

  • Migration of  data from Excel sheets to Mifos X
  • Migration of data from any existing MIS to Mifos X
  • Migration of data from older versions of Mifos to Mifos X

Mifos Customizations

We provide functional and technical customizations on Mifos. The customizations can include core-functionality changes like implementing custom products, adding new entities, including new business flows or smaller changes like user interface customizations.

  • Core feature enhancements
  • Custom financial products
  • Custom business entities or business flows
  • Front-end customizations
  • Interfacing Mifos with other applications
  • Data extracts/imports from/into Mifos
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards development

Hosting and Service Management

  • Installation and deployment on any cloud of choice
  • In-house deployments
  • Daily monitoring and backups
  • Incident management

Why Mifos?

  • Open Source – It is a common platform with the service-oriented architecture that automates all the functionality of your financial institution.
  • Ease of Use – Being an intuitive interface with advanced navigation features, and enhanced flexibility makes Mifos easy to use
  • Widespread Reach – The platform holds more than 2.8 million accounts.
  • Power of Collective Mind – The Mifos Initiative is guided and supported by volunteers which include board of technology and financial inclusion experts, open source leaders and in-kind support from technology companies.
  • Highly Flexible and Scalable – It adapts to any type of financial institutions and it’s each feature can be configured with ease for your unique organizational policies and needs.
  • API Driven Technology – Every feature in the application is exposed through API’s which makes us leverage and re-use the core functionalities to quickly building out unique apps, solutions, and integrations.

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