Finabile – A Financial Inclusion Software

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Financial inclusion is a rapidly growing objective among smaller banks, microfinance institutions, lending organizations and other non-banking financial businesses. As a true technology leader in the financial and banking sector, Habile offers its signature, cutting-edge financial inclusion software called Finabile.

Finabile is customizable, modular and built on a robust platform. It comes as a rare combination of flexibility and sturdiness to support a whole range of business operations for any type of financial organization.


Ease of use

An intuitive interface, advanced navigation features and enhanced flexibility makes Finabile easy to use


Habile offers different product packages based on volume of the customers to allow all types of banks and financial organizations to leverage the benefits of Finabile.

Mobile ready

Empower your consumers as well as employees with enhanced mobility from Finabile. Finabile offers device agnostic mobile applications for the unprecedented growth your business and customers.

High value

The cloud native feature of Finabile allows users to enjoy a whole plethora of value added services without spending too much.

Reliable and secure

Habile is a proven player in the technology sector and Finabile is a robust platform built using the newest technologies like Spring boot (J2EE) and MariaDB. To add more credibility to the product, Finabile is hosted through the perfectly secure Amazon Web Services.

Environment friendly

Say good bye to paper with Finabile! Finabile allows electronic mails and SMS facilities for sending notifications and minimizes the use of paper for all transactions.

Top three reasons to choose Finabile


Finabile is Habile’s complete financial inclusion software with multiple modules. The product can be tactfully customized to perfectly match the needs and budget of the client while the core functionality of financial inclusion is retained.

Assured ROI

From keeping track of multiple transactions to reducing the manpower required for the efficient operations, Finabile promises quick ROI for all types of lending and micro financing institutions.

The need of the hour

As a business you must keep track of your own growth and progress. Invite digitization into your business by trusting Finabile and witness your efficiency and competence skyrocket.


Loan Origination System

Finabile has been developed specifically to support its clients with digital technology for document imaging and archiving. This reduces the inefficiencies and slack caused by paper handling. When you choose Finabile, you are equipped with the most comprehensive KYC reporting system to serve your customers better. Also, Finabile has its own pre-built credit scoring system that makes monitoring of credit performance easy and efficient.

Loan Management System

As your business grows, managing your loan transactions efficiently can become a challenge. With Finabile, loan management becomes simple, streamlined and efficient. The system offers easily-configurable modules for all types of loans. The standardized and efficient loan management processes of Finabile will enhance the productivity by many folds. Clients will be able to manage their customers in multiple locations through a single platform. The solution will enable quicker decision making and easier management of the loan management processes.

Accounting Management System

The account management module has been designed to offer optimal visibility through the real time generation of balance sheets and income statement. Finabile allows you to set your own rules and supports automatic and manual entries to general ledger and journal entries. Additional functionalities like accrual, creation of chart of accounts are also supported by Finabile.

Core Banking System

Finabile integrates the complete range of banking processes from end-to-end and thus proves to be a complete core banking solution to its clients. With Finabile, clients can configure different types of savings product like FD, savings account, RD with ease and make payments through tightly secured channels. Finabile is a rare combination of user-friendly interface and robust backend support thus making it a reliable banking system for conversion of loan account to saving account and vice versa.

Digital Banking

Internet banking and mobile banking are no more a luxury but the core necessity for a seamless banking experience. The highly functional, versatile and scalable nature of Finabile allows customers to manage and operate their accounts with no human intervention. With no physical banks required, Finabile offers the best virtual experience without compromising on convenience or safety.


Considered to be the most intuitive feature of Finable, the product allows clients to generate multiple relational and analytical reports from various data sources. Empowered by Pentaho, Finable allows you to convert all your data into meaningful insights and creates pixel-perfect reports in all forms (Excel, PDF, HTML or XML) and on a real time basis.

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