API Integration

API Integration Services

The process followed and allowance given to programs to access, connect and communicate with other programs is known as API Integration. This software-to-software interface typically takes place behind the scenes allowing separate parties to communicate with each other with or without any prior user knowledge or intervention.

At Habile Technologies, the API integration services provided help efficiently integrate data with other third party applications. By consuming data from a wide range of third party sources, we help businesses easily integrate with shipping, travel, social media and payment gateways. The expert team at Habile Technologies also comes with impressive experience with demand side platforms for the integration of popular online advertising network APIs such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords.

Habile Technologies has invested in developing unparalleled in-house expertise that helps cater to a businesses’ API integration needs. By helping create more functional websites, our team works closely with companies to help meet their organizational goals.

Facilitating Reliable Third party API Integration

Our API integration services help businesses easily integrate data with other third party applications. With a host of reliable offerings, our key services include –

  • Demand side platforms which integrate with Bing Ads, Google AdWords and other online advertising networks
  • Social media APIs such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Online SaaS applications
  • Facebook Applications
  • SMS gateway integration
  • Google APIs such as YouTube, Charts, Search, Analytics and Maps
  • Travel APIs such as Amadeus and Expedia
  • Integration of payment gateways such as PayPal.
  • Shipping API integration with companies such as UPS and FedEx


Social media APIs are everywhere. Join the API economy with Habile Technologies and push your business to the next higher level.


Interact with your customers using the Google plus API and personalize marketing campaigns like never before.


Allow your business to benefit from the survey features and campaign capabilities of Survey Gizmo through robust APIs from Habile Technologies.


Twitter has a policy that supports a relatively easier use of API. Take advantage of Twitter APIs to support your social marketing campaigns and engage customer in a better way.

Our API Integration Expertise

Whether you want to create dashboards that centralize information from more than one source or wish to leverage third party applications to create a more functional website, Habile Technologies is the team to partner with. We offer a wide range of API integration services that is backed by extensive experience across domains. With a result and expertise oriented design and delivery approach, our team offers to your business the most appropriate solution and support that you need.

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