As more and more enterprises begin to embrace the agile software development methodology, the need for the development team and the operations team to work in tandem is enhanced. DevOps brings about this alignment between the two teams and delivers continuous value throughout the software development lifecycle.

Habile offers DevOps services and empowers its clients to churn out top quality software releases in a more timely and efficient manner. Backed by a suite of industry-leading tools, workflows and expertise, Habile Technologies has all that it takes to promptly setup a DevOps environment for small as well as large enterprises!

Habile competency stack for DevOps

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Why Habile?

Habile uses the best DevOps tools and also offers 24/7 support to your DevOps environment. When you partner with, your organization reaps the following benefits.

Reduced time to market

The lean principles, automation and flexible supply of resources from Habile allow up to 50% reduced time to market.

Enhanced productivity

Habile enhances interdepartmental communication and collaboration by using relevant practices and tools. The resultant cohesiveness increases organizational productivity by manifolds.

Reduced Risk

From establishing complete code control to a more frequent and structured testing sequence, errors are minimized and risks are reduced

Faster and resilient deliveries

By partnering with Habile, make your digital, mobile and enterprise applications work faster and be more responsive.

The Habile Advantage

Software delivery is a complex maze of people, processes and tools. Habile Technologies adopts its signature “Habile Advantage DevOps Approach” to untangle the complexities in successful software delivery


  • Deploy the relevant diagnostics models and tools to assess the current environment of the client organization.
  • Envision the DevOps future by developing relevant test cases.
  • Draw the roadmap to the DevOps environment while keeping in mind the desired metrics of the journey.


  • Delve deeper into the DevOps framework by outlining the DevOps principles within the pilot framework.
  • All processes and practices pertaining to the lean governance of the organization must be designed.
  • Consider the integration framework for client’s existing tools and applications with Habile’s suite of tools and technologies.
  • Analyze and design the approach for DevOps tools and all functions across the software development lifecycle.


  • Establish the DevOps adoption by analyzing, designing, automating and stabilizing the client-specific DevOps practices.


  • Support the implementation of DevOps environment with people and change management.
  • Provide relevant platform support 24/7, 365 days in a year.
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    We have been working with Habile for the last 2 years during which the team delivered a number of web applications for us.
    Michael Sleman, Director, Help Desk
    Michael Sleman
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