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Trade Finance is the process of financing for trade activities which includes the Domestic as well as International trade transactions. For these transactions, various documents must be submitted and verified by the bank or the financier to lend the payment. It requires a large time period for settlement of the payment too.

With the help of digitalization, the electronic mode of transfer of documents is enabled and the payment process is facilitated at a faster rate and without any hassles.

We have worked with leading trade finance software product and made the customization on their module.

Our customization in existing Trade financing applications

  • Nostro utility.
  • Bill of Entry (BOE).
  • Goods Regulations (GR).
  • Forward Contract (FC).
  • Internal Conversion (IC).
  • Charge Schedule.
  • Bank and Country Limit.
  • Integration with SWIFT messages.
  • Maker and Checker capabilities.
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    Habile Technologies has displayed vast experience in web-based application and they have ensured the end product is delivered to my satisfaction. By successfully creating a user-friendly platform for both my clients and myself as a business owner, lots of time and documentation storage space is saved. Value for money and 2 thumbs-up.
    Nathan Tan - Unocle Pte Ltd
    Nathan Tan
    Unocle Pte Ltd

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