Rise of BNPL

How BNPL is the Next Big Thing for the Finance Future

Overview One of the hottest trends in India and worldwide is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), which has garnered lots of attention. Additionally, it is quickly evolving by encompassing the majority of banks, NBFCs and Fintechs in the lending industry....

Fintech Lending Trends 2023

Fintech Lending Trends
To Look Out For in 2023

What does 2022 say about the lending industry? For the past few years, the lending industry has seen many innovations with a shift from traditional towards the digital taking of loans by Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Zs. The population...

How Digitization in Loan Origination Process is solving the challenges of Banks & NBFCs?

How Digitization in Loan Origination Process solves the challenges of Banks & NBFCs?

Loan Origination is when a borrower applies for a loan, and a lender, after processing, lends the loan amount to the borrower. The borrower can be an individual, a business, or a corporation, with the lenders being the banks, NBFCs,...


Co-Lending: Understand How It Is The Future Of Lending

Overview The lending world has evolved significantly in the past few years. Recently, we keep hearing buzzwords in the financial industry, such as Buy Now Pay Later, Co-Lending, etc. And to speak, co-lending has created a spark or stir (however...

5 Key Principles of Digital Lending for Banks and NBFCs

5 Key Principles of Digital Lending for Banks and NBFCs

Brief History of Digital Lending: India has become the home to digital lending startups that have pumped up credit in the consumer market due to urbanization and formal employment. As reported by Inc42 in 2020, there are 5.6 million credit...

The Up And Coming Market of Loan Against Property

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