Rina Neoh
Co-founder – Mercatus Capital

Rina Neoh

Rina Neoh is a founding partner of Mercatus Capital which has evolved into a seed investor, angel advisory, incubator, and business accelerator. She has about a two decades of experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. Rina is an expert in strategic marketing, product branding, information systems, business development, venture capital financing, investor relations and high-level business negotiations skills by which she has delivered multi-million dollar returns from small business enterprises, which she has incubated, coached, invested in or promoted.

Rina loves to spend most of her free time in advocating “greenfield” businesses, promoting social entrepreneurship, women empowerment and volunteerism work. She also says that “My personal advocacy is to encourage more women to take leadership roles in startups and entrepreneurship because they have the added advantage of being able to balance business acumen with their intuitive feel for people issues.”

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