Roshni Mahtani
Founder –Tickled Media

Roshni Mahtani

Roshni Mahtani is the CEO and Founder of Tickled Media and also the publisher of parenting social network “ParentTown” and media assets  “ and” which has a wide reach of around 8 million mums in Asia. She is also an active member of the startup community and founded the Female Founders Network which consists of 2,000 female founders.

Roshini is also a board member of TIE Singapore and mentors at JFDI & Crib. She is an executive producer for the docu-movie “Untouchable: Children of God” Which narrates about the young girls in the brothels of India and how they are sold and trafficked from Nepal. She got featured in covers of various magazines and newspaper and her company had been mentioned in many media outlets including BBC.

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