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Cash Suvidha

About Cash Suvidha

Cash Suvidha is a leading NBFC in India which offers safe, scheduled and sophisticated business loans to micro, small, medium and large business loans helping them maintain sustainable growth.  Started with an aim to reduce the complex process and the turnaround time for business loans in both urban and rural areas, Cash Suvidha also contributes to Women Empowerment through its micro loan products.

Cash Suvidha was using a loan management software offered by a local vendor. Though pricing was very high, the features were offered not up to the mark. Since the software did not support micro loan products they had to resort to using two different softwares to manage their portfolio. Operating on multiple software solution, there were different processes for viewing, originating and servicing customers. They struggled in getting a single view of their loan portfolio with the data being is dispersed across different software products.

Habile resolved this dilemma of Cash Suvidha with an integrated banking suite which offered a one stop solution for all loan products offered by Cash Suvidha. Our intuitive application offered them a transparent, single view of their clients and a 360° view of their loan portfolio on a real time basis. Our interactive dashboard embedded sophisticated financial analytics directly into our core banking application.

Habile’s comprehensive banking software combined with its flexible pricing enabled Cash Suvidha to offer unique, tailor-made loan products and gain a competitive edge in the global financial market. Our cutting-edge software harnessed the powerful analytics of data while offering a seamless multi-channel user experience platform. All these factors have helped Cash Suvidha achieve an exceptional level of infrastructure and improve their operational efficiency multifold.

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    Habile Technologies is associated with us on a number of occasions to handle our high-profile managed service accounts.
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