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Citiwide- Financial Planning with a single stroke! About Citiwide

Citiwide is a leading mortgage brokering firm and is accredited with more than 24 lenders in Australia. It is one of the top ten franchised brokering firms in the country and works independently to provide unbiased advice to all borrowers. Citiwide assists investors and business owners with an array of home loans and commercial products through the selection as well as the negotiation process. It is located in North Melbourne and can cover clients from all over the country through their flexible working model. Citiwide is a proud patron technology and uses the most advanced tools for facilitating an easy swim across the financial procedures.

The relationship between Habile Technologies and Citiwide started through a small graphic designing assignment. Impressed by the dedication and commitment of the team in spite of the limited scope of the project, Citiwide came back with a major assignment for their core business.

Citiwide wanted an extensive range of online calculators for assisting their customers with the financial calculations that may be performed before or during the loan availing process. The calculations related to the tool where in the rawest form and had to be integrated appropriately into the existing website.

Habile Technologies set to work with a team of technical experts who converted the data from the Excel sheet directly into HTML and integrated it with Drupal. The calculators are designed with an easy-to-use layout and have turned into a strong feature of the website.

For Citiwide, these robust calculators are an important part of their overall offerings to the customers. For the borrowers and investors, these calculators help them to plan their finances and investment with a few keystrokes. They act as the first step of association between the potential customers and Citiwide. Habile Technologies has played a significant role in bringing across this useful tool successfully through the right interface and layout.

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    Habile Technologies is associated with us on a number of occasions to handle our high-profile managed service accounts.
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