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Exxon Mobil: Building a Stronger Network of Distributors

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For more than a century, ExxonMobil has been at the forefront of developing and marketing high-quality fuel products for transportation, industrial applications and building petrochemical products.

The company started its operations during the last decades of the 19th century as a local marketer of Kerosene in the United States. Today, it has evolved to be world’s largest publicly traded supplier of petroleum and petrochemical products.

Exxon Mobil has also been recognized among the top leaders in the Fortune 500 companies and has never missed out on being on top three positions for several decades. With a number of patented oil and natural gas technologies to its credit, it stands out as a true industry leader.

Exxon Mobil markets its products in India through a trusted network of 26 exclusive distributors. These distributors are spread across the country, serve different types of automotive and industrial markets, led by different management groups and yet united by that one single element called “Exxon Mobil”.

While these distributors had a strong experience and the network to market the fuel products from Exxon Mobil, they lacked the digital knowledge to use technological tools to enhance their sales.

In a world where more than 90% of the business-to-business buyers use the internet to make purchase decisions, some of these distributors of Exxon Mobil functioned even without a basic website. It faced difficulties in persuading their regionally affluent distributors to invest in technology and on the other side was hesitant to take up the financial responsibility of creating websites for each and every distributor in the country.

When Exxon Mobil approached Habile Technologies with an outline of their problem, they were keen on getting the best out of their investment.

The team of experts at Habile Technologies instantly realised the need for a strategic approach to this mammoth task. While building a website for every distributor in the country would cost a lot of work, time and money, Habile Technologies decided to leverage the one single common factor between the distributors – their relationship with Exxon Mobil.

Habile Technologies came up with a standard tool that can be used to build Exxon Mobil distributor websites within a single day!

The websites highlighted the significance of the products and services offered by Exxon Mobil and also infused a fair amount of distributor-specific information into the portal.

But, the the work didn’t seem to finish there. With the help of its digital marketing team, Habile Technologies customized the content of each website to cater to the changing algorithms of popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

To start with, Exxon Mobil was greatly surprised by the response of its distributors towards the new tool. The new website further fostered the presence of the distributors in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the top benefits that were enjoyed by Exxon Mobil were,

Increased sales, enhanced revenue and happy customers

The web presence certainly brought about an enhanced recognition for all distributors within the network. The SEO initiative of Habile Technologies put these companies on top of search results thus making it easy for them to regionally market their products. Almost every distributor experienced 10%-25% increase in sales within a few months from the launch of the website. Exxon Mobil was able to penetrate the market better and earn a huge number of happy customers.

An innovative solution that is both efficient and cost-friendly

Building a website for every single distributor may have demanded a colossal investment from Exxon Mobil. With Habile Technologies, adding new distributors to its supply chain has become a worry-free task and with very minimal additional costs, 100% functional websites can be built within a short time span.

Simple and well-designed templates facilitated easier acceptance

There were two things that Habile Technologies focussed on while building the tool, efficiency and ease of use. The website templates depict these attributes and make the most useful information accessible through easy navigation. Representatives from Exxon Mobil reported this to be one of the strongest sources of website appeal among local customers.

Collaboration with channel partners is crucial for the success of any organisation. Habile Technologies shortens horizons through its technical expertise and nurtures global businesses by eliminating any kind of operational shortcomings.

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    Habile Technologies has displayed vast experience in web-based application and they have ensured the end product is delivered to my satisfaction. By successfully creating a user-friendly platform for both my clients and myself as a business owner, lots of time and documentation storage space is saved. Value for money and 2 thumbs-up.
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    Nathan Tan
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