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About Investak

Investak is one of the leading Investment Management companies in India. Investak helps the investors to invest in the right stocks by providing the reasons or facts for rising or fall of the stocks. Investak offers a number of clusters of stocks, which are portfolios of up to 30 stocks based on the market trends or themes intelligently built for the investors.

Investak approaches the investors in a different manner by allowing the investors to pick the clusters of stocks based on the market trends or themes such as UP election, GST, New RBI governor and much more. It also allows the investors to create and share their own clusters.  And the investor can continuously track and monitor their portfolio.

Investak develops the application for the investment management but they lag in domain knowledge of capital markets. And also they face many challenges in trading as well as the purchasing of stocks. Investak plans to integrate their applications with the broker’s site for purchasing of shares. But they face difficulty in understanding the bulk API document given by the broker.

Habile’s domain experts in capital markets clearly understand the problems of the Investak and defined the projects into three phases. The first phase was the study phase in which the Habile’s experts understands the current stage of the application and determined the expected features to be added. In the second phase which was also called as the High Level Design (HLD) phase, we implemented the business flow diagram and also delivered the HLD document. The final phase was the project execution phase.

Investak joined hands with Habile with a lot of complex problems. We split their problems into three different phases and completed the project successfully within a specific period. Investak made us their Technology Partner and existing as the most satisfied client.

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    Habile Technologies is associated with us on a number of occasions to handle our high-profile managed service accounts.
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    Hari Vedadri
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