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KAPPS Consulting Pte Ltd is a Management Buyout (MBO) of the IT solutions business of KPMG Advisory Services Pte Ltd. It is located in Singapore and provides a whole range of financial applications software and a full suite of services from system analysis, design, development, implementation to post-implementation support.

KAPPS provides professional IT solutions to some of the major banks in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Botswana as well as the United Kingdom. They provide services like the Factoring system, Account Receivable Financing, Invoice Financing and Invoice Discounting.

In the Factoring system, they specialize in two software offerings i.e, Factoring Go and Factoring Pro. Factoring Go is a leading cloud infrastructure technology that makes your entry into the fast growing factoring business and market worldwide easier. Factoring Pro adopts leading technology and is customisable to your specific requirements and environment which may be integrated with your existing systems.

KAPPS with their years of experience in their domain developed the two software solutions for the Factoring system. Since the globalization of business has penetrated deeper, they were in need of technological resources to customize their software. Factoring Pro which is used in larger enterprise and in different environments needed alterations to match the needs of their customer. The usage environment and the location of the clients must also be counted in before.

Habile Technologies with the strong expertise in Enterprise JAVA applications as well as in the banking sector paved way for the perfect customization of Factoring Pro. Habile seamlessly incorporated the changes as demanded by the client and optimized the solution for outstanding results. The Factoring Pro solution is now empowered with a high level of efficiency, automation and accessibility.

The technical expertise and analytical skills of the team at Habile Technologies has allowed KAPPS to tackle one of its key challenges with ease and efficiency. The project was delivered within the stipulated time and budget with no overruns. This signature project from Habile Technologies has created a deep sense of trust for KAPPS which will be joining hands and leveraging the expertise of Habile Technologies for all its future projects too.

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