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myShare and habile : Dostering unique business ideas through technology

About myShare

myShare is a special loyalty program designed to support several social causes in the country. The program acts as the connecting link between the public, member NGOs and major shopping networks. myShare has partnered with hundreds of outlets (retail and food) who have agreed to donate a certain percentage of the purchase value from each myShare card holder. These funds are then directed towards the member NGOs of the myShare network.

This unique business idea is the first of-its-kind in the country and has proved to be beneficial to every entity included within the business setup. While retailers enjoy greater footfall, customers have the satisfaction of donating towards a good cause without spending anything extra. NGOs that have passed through the scrutiny test of myShare, stand to enjoy multiple benefits through the allotted funds

The association with myShare has been a really long one for Habile Technologies (over 3 years). myShare was brought to Habile Technology while it was merely an idea in the nascent stage. The simple yet unique idea had to be nurtured through the right applications and procedures and turned into a fully-functional business model. It involved multiple entities, much data and the various processes had to be harmonized onto one single platform.

Habile Technologies took the entire project onto its shoulders from the scratch pushing myShare to become one of the most successful social projects in the country.

The team of experts from Habile designed the system and developed four component applications for the each group of members involved in the business – the NGOs, the public, the member outlets and the backend of myShare.

The applications were synchronized together to ensure that all details pertaining to each card holder were stored and every penny spent by them was accounted for until it reached the banks of the respective NGOs.

Through its refined approach and dedicated service, Habile Technologies has been of immense support to this exclusive venture called myShare.

“Habile Technologies is associated with us on a number of occasions to handle our high-profile managed service accounts. Their commitment towards providing quality solutions such as; integrated web-based loyalty service program on the cloud have saved us time and money. Habile with their “can-do” attitude and professionalism has added great values at all stages of our relationship.”– says Mr. Hari Vedadri, the Founder and Managing Director of myShare.

Habile Technologies has been with myShare through every step, worked closely with the team to understand their goals and has shared ideas about implementing solutions of the highest standards. The entire support system of myShare has been developed by Habile Technologies and this has in turn empowered them to give shape to a unique idea.

The expertise of Habile Technologies has not only penetrated the operational arena of myShare but has also assisted them in some unique marketing activities. Following the launch of myShare membership to the public, Habile Technologies came up with an augmented reality based mobile application for myShare during an auspicious event. The mobile app was called Dhyana Linga. By bringing the myShare membership card in contact with this mobile application, users can view the “Dhyana Linga” pop up from their phone.

The innovative mobile app fetched the following benefits,

  • Innovation that lead to brand recognition and out-of-the-box marketing.
  • The novelty factor of the app went viral, encouraging hundreds of app downloads in a single day.
  • Extensive exposure of the social initiative among the most relevant groups.
  • An auspicious start to a social cause.

The case with myShare, is a standing proof to showcase how Habile Technologies values its clients and stands as the most reliable partner from start till the end and even beyond!

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