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About Navin’s Housing & Properties

The name that is behind some of the most uber cool apartments in Chennai, Navin’s is truly a brand that is well-known in the real-estate business of the capital city. Since its inception in 1989, Navin’s has grown tremendously and carved a niche position for itself among intense competition. It has been a pioneer in adopting trade certifications and an exemplary in showcasing ethical business practices in an otherwise non-regularized business environment.

Habile Technologies has further pushed the bar for this classic business organisation by allowing them to embrace technology like never before in the industry.

Running against an industry setup that is marked by uncertainty and volatility, Navin’s is always under constant pressure to take the right marketing decisions. With the mushrooming of several small players in the sector and the city of Chennai opening up it remotest areas for residential settlements, the prevailing uncertainty only seemed to get worse. People were hesitant to spend time travelling long distances and the state-wide real estate sector seemed to witness a dip.

Navin’s knew that it needed innovation to bring in a change. It realised that brochures, pamphlets, TV commercials weren’t enough to pull the crowd. It needed technology to showcase itself as a leader in the industry but however the right tool and approach to the problem remained an enigma.

When Navin’s decided to trust Habile Technologies with the issue, the latter was determined to bring in an innovative solution that will put Navin’s onto the highest pedestal of recognition in the fragmented industry.

On September 12, 2012, LIC Housing Finance threw a property fair that lasted for three days. All major as well as budding real-estate organisations from across Tamil Nadu participated in the event to promote their properties. Navin’s was also a part of the show and was the only stall that had managed to queue up more than a hundred visitors from the fair – thanks to Virtual Reality.

Habile Technologies which was behind the entire project right from sourcing the virtual reality device Oculus through shooting the footages of Navin’s properties to making them device-friendlyempowered the real estate giant to garner much appreciation and recognition in one of the biggest events in Chennai.

The device (Oculus Rift SDK) was placed in the stall and people looking for prospective deals queued in large numbers to view some of the exclusive properties of Navin’s through the virtual reality device.

With the satisfaction of having spent its marketing budget towards an innovative and a first-of-its-kind campaign, Navin’s added yet another feather to its hat.

The top benefits of the virtual reality device that helped break stereotypical methods of real estate marketing were,

  • An immersive experience that allows customers to feel the “as good as viewing in person” experience.
  • The portable device eliminates the need to travel to the site but instead brings home the footages of the desired apartment that is fed into the virtual reality device for a complete 360* experience. This saves much time and effort for the customer and encourages them to speed up the purchasing process.
  • Brochures and pamphlets explain a house in terms of numbers (such as 10 x 20 feet) which is difficult to comprehend. With virtual reality, customers get the perfect idea about the actual size of the house and its various rooms.
  • An outstanding crowd pulling strategy for BTL activities.

Habile Technologies loves new technology and owns the expertise and passion to explore the new ways of digitalisation and turn them into favourable solutions for its clients.

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