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About TripInSync

TripInSync is a mobile application designed specifically for the travel industry. In a world of digitalization, customer-facing mobile applications have secured a concrete position in every sphere of life. From childbirth to medical assistance, an app can offer much assistance in the everyday-routine of an individual.

Our unswerving faith in technology and its ability to make life easier has pushed us into building yet another mobile application for travel enthusiasts across the world – TripInSync.

There may be much more value in exploring a place alone but the fun and excitement of having a travel partner or partners is highly commendable. However, with a lot of planning or exchange of information for better co-ordination, complexities tend to arise. Miscommunication, increased time and effort in planning, redundant exchange of words are all some common issues that plague the planning phase of travel.

Such problems and minor planning issues tend to snowball with time and gets only worse when more and more number of people are involved. In some cases, when the trip involves more than just family and “friends of friends” tag along too, planning just gets more composite and communication goes haywire.

Habile Technologies built the perfect travel partner to serve a whole plethora of needs for all kinds of travellers. The highly user-friendly and visually appealing TripInSync helps build the perfect synchronization between the members of the travel group irrespective of their geographic location.

The mobile app creates a shared group between the members of a particular travel group and connects them through the planning phase and beyond. From setting the itinerary of the travel to sharing memories in the form of images, TripInSync plays along till the end as a trusted source of assistance.

The most striking features of the app include checklists, cost splitters and media sync. In a world where people have no sufficient time to sit relaxed and plan an escapade, TripInSync helps them perform all travel related activities at their own leisure.

The global travel industry is worth billions of dollars and research indicates that more than 60% of smartphone users have downloaded some type of travel-related mobile app. However, the success of Habile Technologies lies in having been able to breakthrough this billion dollar industry sector through a niche area.

Satisfying the needs of group travellers and making their lives easier was never a much considered problem area though trouble there was burning. Habile Technologies has successfully identified a particular need of travellers and has addressed the issue through the simplest and yet the most effective way.

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