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About RHT Bus Services Ltd

RHT Bus Services is one of the corporate entities of RHT Holdings Limited in the country of Mauritius. While RHT Holdings started out as a major player in the transportation industry, it has now diversified its services into other sectors such as Financial, Technology and Funds and Property Management.

Even today, RHT Bus Services continues to dominate the travel industry with more than 85 travel vehicles and serves over 10 million passengers every year. With a great services team, a strong reputation and intense experience in serving Mauritius, RHT Bus Services is one of the best players in the industry and is expected to stay on top for the many years to come.

Bus transport in Mauritius is the most popular and preferred source of commuting from one place to another. RHT Bus Services serve tourists as well as the locals across the entire island and their services work for almost 20 hours a day in selected urban areas.

With continuous services running between various bus stops and serving tourists of all kinds and background, RHT Bus Services needed that little edge to push themselves towards better customer service and a more streamlined approach.

The company needed to rectify its service wait times, make them readily available at the right place and at the right time and enhance travel experience too. With a limited budget and a strong desire to build innovation into their system, RHT Bus Services approached Habile Technologies for the right solution.

Habile Technologies has always believed in the power of technology to make lives easier and stimulating. When technology is combined with the most relevant applications, innovation is born and a real business change can be expected. With this in mind, Habile Technologies suggested a mobile application for RHT Bus Services to enable online booking of trips. The mobile app is called Trip Planner – RHT Bus Services and is compatible with all major operating systems.

The world has more than 2 billion smartphone users and mobile applications are like the lifeline of these devices. Habile Technologies decided to leverage the craze for mobile apps and take advantage of it to help RHT Bus Services build a competitive advantage.

Using this mobile app, passengers can view detailed bus schedules, look for the nearest bus stop, book their trip, reduce the waiting time by tracking the bus on a real time basis and also order food for longer distances.

The easy-to-use, rich interfaced mobile application from Habile Technologies won the hearts of travellers in Mauritius right after its inception. The mobile application is the first of its kind in the travel industry and was welcomed with awe and appreciation. It was launched by an eminent political leader of Mauritius and garnered much publicity for the organisation. A naturally beautiful country like Mauritius welcomes guests from various linguistic backgrounds and this mobile application serves as the standard platform to help them enjoy their time in the country without any hassle or spending much on private transport.

Working with Habile Technologies enabled RHT Bus Services to reap the following benefits.

  • The mobile application was an innovative idea that solved the common issues faced by local as well guest travellers in the country.
  • Its rich features and highly functional layout brought the company to the limelight for investing in such a strong digital initiative.
  • The mobile app feature that allows ordering of food was clearly a strong step towards enhanced customer service and a solid reason to choose RHT Bus Services over its competitors.
  • RHT Bus Services now enjoys the brand new image of being a forerunner in implementing innovative solutions to address customer concerns.
  • From an operational point of view, the company has reported a more reorganized approach and resource optimization in planning its trips across the island.
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    Habile Technologies has displayed vast experience in web-based application and they have ensured the end product is delivered to my satisfaction. By successfully creating a user-friendly platform for both my clients and myself as a business owner, lots of time and documentation storage space is saved. Value for money and 2 thumbs-up.
    Nathan Tan - Unocle Pte Ltd
    Nathan Tan
    Unocle Pte Ltd

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