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Unocle has secured a unique niche for itself in the factoring industry by offering innovative solutions to tackle the cash-flow problems faced by a business. This Singapore-based company was started with a vision of empowering promising businesses with immediate access to working capital in a straightforward and transparent way. They help their clients to unlock the hidden advantage in an unpaid invoice. Be it a business in dire need of financing or a funder looking for a prospective business to invest in; they provide a platform to achieve their objective.

While Unocle had a de-facto control of factoring offline establishing a considerably wide client-base, they were still lagging regarding digital knowledge and online presence. In today’s digital age, where an online presence plays a pivotal role, this missing entity lost them quite a few potential clients. Despite searching far and wide for a technology vendor who has expertise in factoring sector, they had a hard time finding the right provider.

Habile Technologies stepped up to resolved this issue with our steadfast technical background backed up by a substantial Factoring expertise. We developed a portal from scratch which cemented Unocle’s online presence with a bang. This little piece of code not only opened up several previously remote gateways to Unocle, but also automated their arduous manual process. We disentangled their underwriting process with a unique registration option that enabled aspiring start-ups and businesses to upload their invoices, balance sheet and other necessary documents for analysis thus simplifying the strenuous paperwork. These uploaded documents streamlined the approval process speeding them up a notch.

Unocle was a happy camper as Habile fulfilled their digital dreams with ease. We made their exhausting process of manual work a breeze with our automation. In addition to offering them access to a new range of clients, the website also offered them an insight into their client’s unique needs. This insight helped them come up with a range of flexible financial options to suit the diverse requirement of their customers. The exceptional technical support and outstanding dedication offered by Habile throughout the project has instilled a strong sense of camaraderie in Unocle.

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